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Research into the benefits of external evaluation has improved considerably over the last ten years. I have been privileged to be part of some of this research, especially in Low and Middle Income Countries. You will find some of these below in list 1.


List 2 contains some other key articles that I have found useful over the years. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something specific.


List 1

Nicklin W, Fortune T, van Ostenberg P, O’Connor E, & McCauley N. Leveraging the full value of accreditation. International Journal of Quality in Healthcare. 2017 29 (2): 310 -312.


Fortune T, O’Connor, E and Donaldson, B. Quality Improvement in Health and Social Care through External Evaluation Programmes including Accreditation, International Society for Quality in Health Care. 2015


Shaw C.D, Braithwaite J, Moldovan M, Nicklin W, Grgic I, Fortune T and Whittaker S. Profiling health-care accreditation organizations: an international survey. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 2013; 25 (3): 222-231.


Siddiqi S, Elasady R, Korshid I, Fortune T, Leotsakos A, Letaief M, Qsoos S, Aman R, Mandhari A, Sahel A, El-Tehewy M, and Abdellatif A. Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative: from evidence to action in seven developing country hospitals. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 2012; 24 (2): 144-151.


Ruelas E, Gómez-Dantés O, Leatherman S, Fortune T, and Gay-Molina JG. Strengthening the quality agenda in health care in low- and middle-income countries: questions to consider. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 2012; 24 (6): 553-557.


Braithwaite J, Shaw C.D, Molodovan M, Greenfield D, Hinchcliff R, Mumford V, Kristensen MB, Westbrook J, Nicklin W, Fortune T and Whittaker S. Comparison of health service accreditation programs in low- and middle- income countries with those in higher income countries: a cross-sectional study. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 2012; 24 (6): 568-577.


Fortune T. ISQua – Globally Improving Health Care. Medical Tourism, Issue 12, 2008 


T. Fortune, R. Boland, M. Kelly. Young Adults as Service User Surveyors, ISQua 24th International Conference 2007.


O’Connor, E, Fortune T, Boland R. Service User involvement in accreditation surveys. International Journal of Quality in Healthcare. 2007 19 (5): 296 -300.



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